The Race – 2016

We had so much fun last year, and this year we have taken your input into consideration to make the Zombie Chase Race better than ever. Not only is the event going to be bigger, but also better. We are planning expanding the number of obstacles, and streamlining it. 


I loved all the obstacles and the fear factor of the race. There was also a lot of group camaraderie when plowing through the zombies, which was awesome.

The amount of zombies and spacing of them was well done. It was just really exhilarating, perfectly challenging, and very creative. I had so much fun and would absolutely run again!

Make up was great. Obstacles were good. Running near the animal shelter was awesome as the barking dogs added to the effect.

I liked how we were able to 'strategize' with our zombie group and how we all got along well. The make up done by Paul Mitchell students was amazing as well.

I loved everything! It was really unexpected with where and what some of the Zombies would do and be so that made it really fun.

I loved the creativity of the course of the race. The locations were well thought out and very true to post apocalyptic situations, not unlike movies. 

I really like running through fields full of zombies and trying to juke them to get through.

I really liked the course. The course was super cool and it's location and everything!