Your safety is our first priority. Not only do we have water stations set up periodically throughout the race, but we also have volunteers available that will answer your questions and make sure you are doing well. We have specific rules for each role to keep everyone safe and having a fun time. This is a family friendly event; it is not supposed to be scary. We want to make sure that everyone enjoys themselves and is able to push themselves. The goal is to survive, which will be a challenge for anyone, no matter the age. Have fun and be safe while trying to survive this year's Zombie Chase Race!


The Zombie Chase Race is a 5k obstacle course race. As a survivor you will run the course, maneuvering through all of the obstacles and dodging zombies while protecting your three flags (your lives). There are XX obstacles ranging in difficulty. There are two types of zombies: Zombie Runner will run the 5k while trying to take the flags of the survivors, and regular Zombies who will be stationed throughout the race to steal your flags, but stay in a relative area. Survivor and Zombie Runners will be let go in waves so that the groups should not easily collide. This event is made for the whole family and the focus is not scaring you, but making an exciting atmosphere to have fun with family and friends.