Forward: Summer 2016 – Amongst a scene of shuffling men in suits pouring out of their black tinted vehicles, a green mist can be seen rising above the Teton River as the sun sets behind it. Government agents swarm the scene pausing every so often to nervously look over their shoulders ensuring no one from the public has seen the unusual chemical spill tainting the otherwise pristine surroundings.

“No reports about this will be necessary,” shouts a man near the back of the containment operation. “No one is to speak of this night again. You hear me? It’s off the books.”

And as quickly as they arrived the parade of officials retreat back to their cars leaving the riverbed just as they found it. All is quiet again, except for a small gurgling sound as the top-secret chemical reacts and churns below the surface of the water…


The Outbreak:

Just as many Autumns before, the Wooderson family was having their annual family reunion in Rexburg near the banks of the Teton River. Per usual, they have been fishing for their favorite catch, the indigenous cutthroat trout, and they were having a surprising amount of luck. The fish were particularly hungry and they were catching fish larger than have ever been caught. Unusually large, in fact. In their excitement over their success the Wooderson’s overlooked the odd nature of these fish. When the young Wooderson cousins, Billy Bob and Chester, brought home a slew of trout for dinner, no one had any idea it would be their last.

The virus would later be classified as Z3R3, and quickly turned any who were exposed into bloodthirsty zombies! The outbreak spread like wildfire infecting every member of the Wooderson family reunion within an hour, and continuing on to engulf every living thing within the Nature Park and Eagle Park into a chemically induced rage!

After running out of “food” some of the zombies made their way over to the fairgrounds, where a good old fashioned rodeo was taking place. It didn’t take long before the Madison County Whoopee Days became the Madison County Zombie Days.

The infection continued to spread to the old Jr. High. Class was out but the students serving detention were still present and now, more than ever, they’re sick of being in school. They’ve turned into adolescent  zombies with a thirst for causing trouble (actually, not all that different from how they were before the outbreak). The Jr. High is classified as a highly dangerous infection zone and should be avoided at all costs.

Now the only hope of curing the virus lie in your ability to run, jump and survive as you make your way through these zombie infested areas. Due to the valiant efforts of the Rexburg Police Department, we’ve managed to carve out a zombie-free zone amongst the city-wide infection. Survivors are being outfitted to run the obstacle filled journey as they make their way to the quarantine zone in the city center at Hemming Village. There, and only there, will you find any hope to cure the Z3R3 Virus.