Race Day Schedule – Oct. 15th, 2016.

Check in takes place at The Dealio office in Rexburg Idaho.

  • Friday, Oct. 14th – Early Check-in
    • If possible check-in early on Friday, as race day morning will be very busy.
    • 2:00PM – 8:00PM – Early check-in (You’ll pick up your shirt, grab-bag, & instructions).
  • Saturday, Oct. 15th (Race Day)
    • 8:00AM – 11:00AM – Race day check-in
    • 9:30AM – 11:30AM – Zombie transformation begins at  (assigned locations)
    • 11:00AM – Shuttles for Survivors/Zombie Runners begin at leaving from Hemming Village
    • First wave of runners start the race at 12:00PM
    • Fastest finishers start arriving at Hemming Village between 12:30PM and 12:45 PM
    • Most, if not all, participants should be finished by no later than 2:00 p.m.

We are incredibly excited for this year’s event and hope you are too. Later this week we will send you another email to recap some of this information. If you have any questions before then please don’t hesitate to reply to this email.

Also, if there are those of your party who you registered on behalf of, feel free to forward this email onto them.

Race Rules

The two big race rules that everyone needs to be aware of are below. Later this week we will send role specific rules.

  1. No physical violence will be tolerated. Run, chase, scare and spook, but no pushing, shoving, or other physical harm to anyone else.
  2. Dressing up and costumes are encouraged, but weapons of any kind must be left at home. No guns (real or fake), knives, crow bars, axes, cross bows, or anything else that might appear in your favorite zombie themed television shows.


  • Check-in at The Dealio office (Friday 8am-7pm) (Saturday 7am-10am).
  • Wear proper running attire (clothes & shoes that can get dirty).
  • Get enough rest the night before.
  • Currently the weather is expected to be 79 & sunny, but be prepared for possible changes.
  • Camera/GoPro (if wanted). Be sure it’s charged and you have a steady mount for it.
  • Any cash or money for the street vendors after the race if you’re interested in eating.


  1. Check-in at The Dealio office (Friday 8am-7pm) (Saturday 7am-10am).
  2. Wear proper running attire (clothes & shoes that can get dirty).
  3. Get enough rest the night before.
  4. Be prepared for inclement weather.
  5. Camera/GoPro (if wanted). Be sure it’s charged and you have a steady mount for it.
    Any cash or money for the street vendors after the race if you’re interested in eating.


Check-in at The Dealio office if you haven’t already checked in.

For Survivors

Park your vehicle at or around Hemming Village and be sure to hop on the shuttle that will transport you over to the starting line at Nature Park. Shuttles will begin leaving between 10:45-11am. *(You will not be able to park on the street in front of Hemming Village as it will be closed for the block party after the race).

Zombie Runners

You can either transform yourself into a zombie or get transformed after you arrive by shuttle at the starting line. Like the Survivors, you will park near the finish line at Hemming Village so that you’ll finish near your vehicle.

For Zombies

Depending on your assigned infected zone (AIZ) where you’ll be stationed (assigned at check-in), you’ll get transformed at either the starting line (Nature Park) or the finish line (Hemming Village) from 9:30am through 11:30am. You’ll then be responsible to drive out to your AIZ where you will be able to park and walk to the area where you’ll be roaming around.
*We will have limited shuttling available for Zombies, but the shuttling will not be as convenient for you as we cannot hold many passengers. We encourage you to take your own vehicles so that you don’t feel like you have to wait for the shuttle.
After the final wave of Survivors have run through your zone, you are encouraged to drive back to the finish line at Hemming Village to participate in the post-race festivities. *You are also free to run the course back to the finish line if you would like to, just know that you are responsible for transportation.



You will be running the 5K with three flags attached to a belt.
Your goal is to survive the race with at least one flag remaining on your belt (There will be one “Flag Reload” station about halfway through the course and one near the end).
The course will be clearly marked with signs and Volunteers (yellow shirts) along the way.
When you approach “Infected Zones” be prepared for Zombies to attempt to pull your flags (make sure that your flags are accessible to the zombies, no hiding them or altering them in any way. You protect your flags by running).
As a side note, Zombies have been instructed to use “good judgment” and common sense when chasing Survivors. For example, if you are running with your young children, they should know to not go too hard after your their flags.


You are basically a Zombie that gets to run the race.
You are NOT allowed to pull runner’s flags. However, you are permitted to chase & “harass” runners inside Assigned Infected Zones.
You may choose to “zombify” yourself or get transformed at the station at the starting line.


You will be stationed at a series of Assigned Infected Zones throughout the race. While there, your goal is to make the race challenging for the Survivors as they pass through (using good judgment).
You are NOT allowed to touch, grab, or deliberately lay hands on the runners.
Once again, we stress that you use common sense and good judgment when harassing runners. Be kind to young children and any families/people that are leisurely walking or jogging the course.
Our purpose is for this event to be a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone involved, and in order to do that, we need to be considerate of every participant. For example, if you notice that a runner has only one flag left, maybe don’t go after it too hard so the runner feels like they have a fighting chance.
In sum, we want you to enjoy your experience as much as the Survivors do, but use your best judgment when seeking to pull flags.


There are two bathrooms in Nature Park at the starting line, and then there are a few along the course. One in Eagle Park, one at the Fairgrounds, and then at the finish line at Hemming Village.